Unique Ingredients

Braces Friendly Foods Series | Unique Ingredients


There are times when I will use unique ingredients that you may not have heard of. This blogpost provides a list of those ingredients and where you may find them. They will be updated regularly as new unique ingredients are used with new recipes.


  1. Fried shallots. You can buy raw shallots, chop them into small slices and fry them, or you can buy them fried already. They are usually found in Asian grocery stores such as Lee Lees Oriental supermarket, G & L Imports and GrantStone Asian Super Market. These little pieces of toppings will add complex flavor to your soups or dishes.

    Fried shallots

    Fried shallots

  2. Kecap Manis (Sweet soy sauce). Most of us know what soy sauce or Teriyaki sauce are, but not many have heard of sweet soy sauce. It is a thick and sweetened version of soy sauce that is rich in flavor for any dish. It originates in South East Asia, specifically Indonesia, and can be used in place of Teriyaki sauce. Some stores carry 2 or 3 different brands like “ABC” or “Kecap Bango”. Try it and you’ll use it again in many of your dishes. This can be bought from most Asian grocery stores. Here in Tucson and Sahuatita AZ, they can be found in Lee Lees Oriental supermarketG & L Imports and GrantStone Asian Super Market.

    Sweet soy sauce

    Sweet soy sauce

  3. Organic Better Than Bouillon. The name says it—it is better than bouillon or chicken stock. There is no added MSG and it is organic. I use this quite often to enrich the flavor of my dishes and soups, very yummy. You can get this in Costco or any grocery store.

    Better than bouillon

    Better than bouillon

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