Hearty Avocado Scrambled Eggs

Braces Friendly Foods Series | Hearty Avocado Scrambled Eggs

Hearty scrambled eggs

Hearty scrambled eggs


This special hearty avocado scrambled eggs is an instant hit in my family. Even my finicky sister-in-law with braces loves it.


4 eggs

½ cup milk (fat free, 2% or whole milk)

Salt & pepper to taste

1 avocado , diced

4-5 pieces of Bacon strips (or Salami)

½ teaspoon chicken stock paste (optional)

½ teaspoon sugar

1-2 teaspoons of oil

4-6 slices of bread (white or whole wheat)

Optional toppings:

1 stalk chopped scallions

¼ diced white or yellow onions.

1 diced Roma tomatoes


  1. Crack 4 eggs into large bowl.
  2. Add milk, sugar, chicken stock paste (optional), salt & pepper and whip until frothy.
  3. Cut up bacon or salami into small bite sized pieces (I also like to carve out as much extra fat away from bacon) and add to the egg mixture.
  4. Add diced avocados last, after all the whipping and stirring is done (so that it doesn’t get mashed up).
  5. Add 1 teaspoon of oil into heated saucepan and add egg mixture, stirring until scrambled.
  6. Remove scrambled eggs once it is spongy looking. Try not to overcook to retain softness and fluffiness.

For toppings:

  1. Spray some oil in heated saucepan with Misto oil atomizer.
  2. Sauté the Diced onions, tomatoes and scallions separately. Do not overcook the toppings. To do this use high heat, sauté quickly and remove as quickly.
Toppings scrambled eggs

Toppings scrambled eggs


  1. Place scrambled eggs unto white or wheat bread (remove crust if desired).
  2. Top scrambled eggs with sautéed diced onions, scallions and tomatoes as desired.

Discussion & Summary:

Prep time: 10-15 minutes

Cook time:  5-10 minutes

Misto oil atomizer can be bought from Costco or Bed Bath & Beyond. It is helpful in using oil sparingly.

I like to use sea salt or Kosher salt and/or using a salt grinder. I prefer large granules of salt for more popping flavor in the food. Reduce salt intake if you have high blood pressure.

I use the optional chicken stock paste to add flavor to many foods. Costco or other grocery food stores carry them: Organic Better Than Bouillon.

Making fluffy scrambled eggs is partially science—you need to incorporate as much small air bubbles into the egg mixture by using milk and whipping it vigorously. Using an electronic hand mixer may be helpful but not required. I love cooking because it is part art and part science. I keep telling people that if I weren’t an orthodontist, I’d be a chef! =)

This is a great extra soft food for those who just had braces put on and for those who just had orthodontic adjustments.For those not wearing braces, you may toast the bread with margarine for a little more crunch and flavor. Yum.

PS: Please cut up food into small bite sized pieces.

PSS: don’t forget to brush teeth and braces after eating.

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