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Menudo white

Menudo white


What a beautiful day! Eat hearty Mexican food atop a hill with a great city view of Tucson AZ. Go ahead and relax on a Sunday morning eating orthodontic braces & Invisalign friendly Mexican food, you deserve it after a long week.

​Huevos con Jamon (a.k.a. Mexican ham & eggs)

​Huevos con Jamon (a.k.a. Mexican ham & eggs)

The Food:

  1. Huevos con Jamon ($8.00): A traditional ham and egg breakfast that is soft to eat.
  2. French toast ($7.00): 3 large slices of bread coated with fried egg—they’re soft to eat and cut up into small pieces but I think is a little pricey for 3 slices of egged breads.
  3. Huevos con Chilaquiles ($9.00): After bathing the Chilaquiles in the red sauce for a few minutes, they turn soft enough for those teeth with braces. However, I’ve had better tasting Chilaquiles.
  4. Menudo (white) ($8.50 large; $5.50 small): The tripe in the white Menudos are quite soft while the hominy can be chewed slowly. Add lemon, a little more salt and chilli powder for better taste.
  5. Machaca de Tres Chiles con Huevo ($8.50): This dish is pretty tasty and soft too.  I love it! Yum.
french toast

french toast

The Verdict:

  1. Huevos con Jamon ($8.00): Braces friendly
  2. French toast ($7.00): Braces friendly
  3. Huevos con Chilaquiles ($9.00): Braces friendly
  4. Menudo (white) ($8.50 large; $5.50 small): Braces friendly, chew carefully.
  5. Machaca de Tres Chiles con Huevo ($8.50): Braces friendly
Huevos con chilaquiles

Huevos con chilaquiles

Discussion & Summary:

The flour tortillas are tasty and they sell them in bulk to take home too. For those with orthodontic braces and want to eat the tortilla, I suggest tearing them into small pieces and picking up a small amount of food with the tortilla with your fingers. Folding up the tortillas into several layers will make them too tough to eat and is not advisable. This is especially true for many Burritos where the tortillas are rolled multiple times around making it too tough for those with orthodontic braces, be careful.

Overall, I think that you can enjoy a good hearty Mexican breakfast at Mosaic Café even while on metal or ceramic clear braces, just use common sense and extra care when eating.

Machaca de Tres Chiles con Huevo

Machaca de Tres Chiles con Huevo

PS: Please cut up food into small bite sized pieces.

PSS: don’t forget to brush teeth and braces after eating. Don’t forget to bring your toothbrush.

Bon Appétit,

Your friendly local Tucson orthodontist, Dr. Leo Toureno

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