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Braces Friendly Foods Restaurant Series | Olive Garden

Bucatini with meat sauce

Bucatini with meat sauce


I’m not sure why but it is common to see long lines outside of Olive Garden almost on a daily basis – even my family loves coming here too. Since Olive Garden is a perennial favorite for many people I thought this would be a good place to start blogging about the availability of braces friendly foods.

Pasta e Fagioli soup

Pasta e Fagioli soup

What I ordered:

I ordered the 3 course Italian dinner for $12.95:

  1. Bucatini with Meat Sauce—“a hearty meat sauce layered with Italian cheeses and drizzled with alfredo. Served over bucatini pasta.”
  2. Chicken Gnocchi & Pasta e Fagioli soups.
  3. Amaretto Tiramisu mini dessert.

I also ordered the Chicken Alfredo fettuccini and Dark Chocolate Cake for dessert.

Chicken & gnocchi soup

Chicken & gnocchi soup


The Chicken & Gnocchi soup is quite tender and tasty, the shredded chicken needs a little chewing but overall braces friendly. Similarly, the Pasta e Fagioli soup is also braces friendly although the ground beef may need a little chewing.

I’ve never heard of the Bucatini—it is actually a thin long hollowed pasta. The hollowed middle is meant to pick up the sauce. The first time I ate the pasta, I was expecting it to be hard and chewy but was surprised that it is actually very soft, soft enough to mash it up with my tongue against the roof of my mouth. This is definitely braces friendly. The ground beef is broken enough to be braces friendly too but may not be soft enough for those who just had an adjustment or those who just had braces put on.

Amaretto Tiramisu

Amaretto Tiramisu

I was a little disappointed with the taste of the Amaretto Tiramisu, it doesn’t taste like the original Tiramisu.

  1. The Chicken Alfredo is tasty partly because the chicken was grilled. The chicken breast may not be soft enough for those who just had an adjustment or those who just had braces put on. Otherwise it is considered braces friendly.
  2. The Dark Chocolate cake was too rich for my taste, I personally wouldn’t order it again.


  1. Bucatini with Meat Sauce: Braces Friendly.
  2. Chicken & Gnocchi soup: Braces Friendly, borderline Extra Soft.
  3. Pasta e Fagioli soup: Braces Friendly.
  4. Amaretto Tiramisu: Braces Friendly, Extra Soft.
  5. Chicken Alfredo: Braces Friendly.
  6. Dark Chocolate cake: Braces Friendly, Extra Soft.
  7. Breadsticks: Not Braces Friendly, I wouldn’t risk it
Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

PS: Please cut up food into small bite sized pieces with the pasta and bread.

PSS: Please brush teeth well especially after eating desserts, and prevent the formation of white scar decalcifications and cavities on your teeth.

Cut food into small pieces

Cut food into small pieces

I wouldn't eat these breadsticks, they're too hard

I wouldn’t eat these breadsticks, they’re too hard

Bon Appétit,

Your friendly local Tucson orthodontist, Dr. Leo Toureno

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