7 Cheese Tortellini

Braces Friendly Foods Series | 7 Cheese Tortellini

7 cheese tortellini

7 cheese tortellini


Enhance the flavor of this ready made braces friendly 7 Cheese Tortellini using fresh ingredients. Eat it for dinner then pack them for lunch tomorrow—awesome convenience! You and your kids will love it!


  1. 1/8 cup Kosher salt
  2. 4 cloves garlic, mashed
  3. 12 oz large whole mushrooms (or any type of mushroom), chopped
  4. 4 fresh Roma tomatoes, diced then mashed
  5. 1 can 40 oz Marinara Sauce, from Costco
  6. 1-2 oz grated Mozzarella cheese
  7. 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  8. 6-8 tablespoons Avocado oil, from Costco (or Corn/Olive oil)
  9. 4-6 leaves of fresh Basil, chopped finely (optional)

10. 1 pack 48 oz Seven Cheese Tortellini, from Costco


  1. Boil a large pot of water and add 1/8 cup salt until boiling.
  2. Add Tortellini and boil for 6 minutes and no more.
  3. Immediately drain all water in strainer and immerse in cold water or add ice and run under cold water to stop all cooking.
  4. After cooling, remove all ice and let all the water drain off.
  5. Heat oil in large wok and stir fry mashed garlic until light brown.
  6. Add cooled and drained Tortellini and chopped mushroom into hot wok and stir fry until lightly browned.
  7. Add Marinara sauce, mashed Roma tomatoes and brown sugar into wok, stir.
  8. Add a sprinkle of Mozzarella and stir until melted evenly.
  9. Serve with a sprinkle of freshly chopped basil

Discussion & Summary:

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Servings: 10-12

A word about cooking oil: I was intrigued by the Avocado oil sold at Costco. They claim to have a higher smoke point than olive oil and contain many essential oils that are just as healthy. It is important to know that certain oils cannot withstand high heat and will decay during cooking. This will not only ruin the flavor of the food but also be unhealthy. Healthy Extra Virgin olive oils (EVOO) tend to have lower smoke point and should be avoided when stir frying using high heat. One can add EVOO later on after the cooking is done if desired.

One can be as simple with this dish using only the ready made store bought tortellini and marinara sauce or be more sophisticated and use the above recipe for more flavor.

I like to use the mortar and pestle to mash the garlic and the diced tomatoes, it is much easier this way compared to other methods. I suppose one can use the food processor to chop them up finely as well.

I think that you can also use other types of mushrooms such as the Portobello mushroom for more flavor, I just couldn’t find it at Costco today.  Although the marinara sauce contains basil and tomatoes, using fresh basil and tomatoes will enhance the freshness of this braces friendly dish.

PS: Please cut up food into small bite sized pieces.

PSS: don’t forget to brush teeth and braces after eating.

Bon Appétit,

Your friendly local Tucson orthodontist, Dr. Leo Toureno

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