CheeseCake Factory

Cheesecake Factory Tucson | Orthodontic Braces friendly food

The menu offered here is staggering! There are so many food to choose from: American comfort foods, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian favorites, Asian fusion, etc.. It is amazing to have so many choices, maybe a little confusing when trying to order but try the comfort foods here first then be a little more adventurous in the future. I’m looking for orthodontic braces friendly foods here, I’m sure there are plenty!

Shepherd's Pie opened

Shepherd’s Pie opened

The shepherd’s pie is a lunch special for $11.95. It is easy to eat and is orthodontic braces friendly. However, you may still want to chew carefully as there are some pieces of carrots and vegetables. It is not the best Shepherd’s pie I’ve eaten but is not bad overall. I have a really good Shepherd pie recipe that is both braces friendly and yummy coming up in the future.



This meatloaf dish is also another American classic for $11.95 lunch special. Just like the above Shepherd’s pie, it is not the best one I’ve had but is not bad and is also braces friendly. The mash potatoes that accompany this dish is definitely braces friendly.

Chicken samosa

Chicken samosa

We ordered this chicken samosa appetizer for $5.95. It is a little crispy at the corners so avoid chewing on this part but the filling and the bulk of it is so delicious and easy to chew, try it with the provided cilantro dipping sauce, oh my, so good!

Chicken tenders & fries

Chicken tenders & fries

The chicken tenders with fries are very tender, just cut it up into small bite sized pieces.

Chocolate Cheescake

Chocolate Cheescake

Of course who can forget the cheesecake for dessert! Get your favorite flavor and eat it! So yummy. Just as long as you brush your teeth carefully and completely after your meal! So don’t forget your travel sized toothbrush wherever you go.


I’m sure I’ll be back here at Tucson’s CheeseCake Factory for more orthodontic braces friendly food adventure. There’s plenty more selection to choose from!

Bon Appétit,

your friendly local Tucson AZ orthodontist, Dr Leo Toureno

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2 responses to “CheeseCake Factory

  1. That Chocolate Cheescake looks delicious. I do love a good dessert. Iv tried to bake myself but its never quite as good as the professionals. And yes always pack a travel sized toothbrush 🙂

  2. Yes, Thank you! Always pack a travel sized tooth brush…always brush after eating especially sweet treats…even if you don’t have toothpaste, just the act of brushing away the food off the orthodontic braces and teeth helps a ton! =)

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