Simple Home made French toast

When you wake up on a weekend and don’t really want to spend the money going to a restaurant, just pull out that Sara Lee bread and whip up the egg and voila! Our own homemade orthodontic braces friendly french toast in a few minutes. Relax at home eating in your pajamas. Don’t have to drive and wait in line for your breakfast… DIY breakfast is quicker!

Simple Homemade French toast

Simple Homemade French toast


  1. 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  2. Dash of Cinnamon powder
  3. Dash of salt
  4. 1/4 cup 2% milk (or light soy milk, unflavored)
  5. 1-2 tablespoon oil
  6. 2 slices of bread (white or whole wheat)
  7. 2 eggs


  1. Crack 2 eggs in a large bowl, add cinnamon, brown sugar, 2% milk and salt.
  2. Whip it like you mean it until frothy.
  3. Add oil to a heated saucepan
  4. Dip the bread into the egg batter on both sides and fry it on the pan, flipping it over after a few minutes until browned.
  5. Pour maple syrup as desired


I also tried it with original low fat soy milk and it doesn’t taste too far off from the 2% milk variety. You can also try using Almond milk, I’d like to know how you like it, please comment below if you tried using Almond milk. I like to use Avocado oil for cooking but you can use any cooking oil you like such as corn or canola oil. The maple syrup from Costco is rich and pure in taste but any store bought maple syrup you have at home should be fine.

Pair this French Toast with small pieces of healthy fruits: grapes, cantaloupes strawberries, honeydew etc. and chew slowly and carefully.

As always, brush your teeth and your orthodontic braces thoroughly after eating sweet foods.

Bon appétit, your friendly local Tucson Orthodontist.


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